Cryptocurrencies versus Politics

coinbase 31-07-18.JPG

My Coinbase Portfolio has seen a significant drop over the last three day, with an overall loss of €67.07. Litecoin LTC dropping down by -6.94% currently at 8.0862 LTC (€534.26). The general mod around the crypto world is positive. However, politics is now becoming a significant factor in the price fluctuations. The speed at which regulation is taking place depends on the country. The U.S. Securities and Exchange commision has delayed action till later this year. Most European countries are not even involved with cryptocurrency and the most prominent player being China is currently in a trade war. It would seem that education into the benefits of blockchain technology is either not understood or are regarded as criminal.

I have recently found that even trying to explain the fundamentals of the blockchain to close friends, that it is apparently not understood. Due to the nature of the programme and its usage. Far more damaging to the blockchain is the fact that the media attention is on the currency side of it. However, the application has far more depth to it than is shown.

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