Coming into Thursday!

Lots of activity at the moment around cryptocurrencies, and around the markets in general. Most of the lesser known coins are showing gains over the week; however, going into the weekend there will be the usual drop off until Monday morning. Most countries are now into the summer vacation period so it will be interesting to see if the trend continues.

Coinbase is now offering gift cards to help people use their accounts to buy from some regular outfits. The Coinbase wallet is showing again back to the Tuesday high point.
The Abra wallet is showing significant gains with Stella XLM still holding its own in the top 10. 24-hour volume is at 204,664,000 USD, 24,834 BTC giving it an increase of 8.14% in the period. The news for Stella is its expanded use in the middle and far East. In particular, the UAE (United Arab Emirates) using the currency for payments. With the boost in value, I expect more investor to enter the coin market. The other coin I currently hold is the NEO and is also a top gainer. It is presently ranked 13 according to the CoinMarketCap with a 24 hour gain of 2.40%.

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