Stella XLM is on the move

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A late start for me today, but this helps me to show the current value of Stella XLM. As you can see in the Tradingview graph the month of July has seen a considerable increase in its value. Although the hype engine is mainly talking about bitcoin BTC and the top five cryptocurrencies, it is interesting to see the lesser value coins starting to appear. I hold 247.933 XLM in an Abra account, and each has a unit price of €0.26 at time of writing. With the top five cryptos being out of reach for small-time investors like me, it is good to see that the general media and the public are becoming more aware of the possibilities offered around the blockchain.

XLM 25-0718
XLM/Dollar Monthly Chart

BIS logo

Other news not so high on the spotlight agenda, but one that should be considered carefully is the BIS Bank for International Settlements. Some rousing speeches coming out at the moment notably, Ms Marja Nykänen, Member of the Board of the Bank of Finland. Which takes on Banking in the digital age, in brief, they are looking more seriously at the implementation of crypto assets and payment services. A more in-depth look into money and payments have been taken on by Stefan Ingves of the Stockholm School of Economics. Somewhat a history lesson but none the less a vital view into where the future lays.

Money and payments – where are we heading?

Coinbase is struggling over the last 24 hours with the big four taking a slight downward trend.

coinbase 25-07-18
Coinbase Portfolio shows a loss of €6.26 over a 24hr period

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