Regulation, regulation, regulation!

g20 eu commision

The buzzword around the blockchain at the moment is regulation. The G20 Finance Minister & Central Bank Governors held their meeting between the 21st – 22nd July. The general outlook is mixed by not negative. They did raise concerns over Tech innovations stating that Crypto-assets lack regulation. The deadline for clarifying this will be in October 2018. Also, the European Commission (ECON) has brought out a considerable study to help bring them up to come up to speed on the emerging technology. The report focuses mainly on the FinTech areas, but there is some information on Crypto assets.


Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin BTC has seen a marked increase bring the level up to the 8k mark. Other Crypto assets have been struggling such as Etherum ETH and Litecoin LTC. Tether USDT which is pegged to the US dollar has seen some significant activity over the past few days, indicating a renewed interest in all Crypto assets. Coinbase is showing growth at the moment with the Bitcoin taking the lead.

eth 24-07-18
Etherum ETH
btc 24-07-18
Bitcoin BTC

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