How to bake a Financial Cake!

Jens Weidmann: Towards a more stable monetary union – what is
the right recipe? PDF file

In a previous life, I used to be a chef, so this article from all of the pieces that I had looked through from the Central bankers’ speeches yesterday jumped out at me the most. Firstly I understand that it is essential to try to engage your audience and make some form of a connection if the subject matter is going to be difficult to understand, however, I would suspect that the audience is highly intelligent and did not need this connection!

The tone is really on a sideways look at the current situation within the EU sector, and some historical data be it somewhat vague. It mainly points a stabilising the EU zone and holding to account those that require intervention. This, as we are seeing, has been a slow process throughout the Union due to the old-school politics holding it back.

Benoît Cœuré: The future of financial market infrastructures – spearheading progress without renouncing safety PDF file

This document actually brought a tear of joy to my heart when reading it. It is evident that the teams behind the financial heads of banks and associations have not been to a single Bitcoin briefing. My son of eleven years old has a clearer understanding of the technology. The suggestion here would be to check out one of the most significant games currently on the market Fortnite. Here she would learn the simple but effective way to the bank, using virtual currencies and how its security works. Start by purchasing V Bucks!

The past has shown us that ignoring or ignorance towards anything new tends to slow development rather than evolve it.


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