The Blockchain Revolution: Changing Business and the World – Don Tapscott

Currently I have been on Twitter and watched mainly the markets i.e. #bitcoin and the other #cryptocurrencies this I have found to be a limited view of what the actual #blockchain is! So as a late starter to what is being labeled the next internet revolution I have purchased the audio version of the book that I have pasted below.

Manage to get to chapter 2 before Twitter grabbed my attention! So far so good, very informative and a great collaboration between father and son (always the best partnerships).

As far as I see the markets currently there is still a sideways movement and although the news floating about on the internet is reasonably positive, there have been no real movers.

ICO platforms are still being turned out on a daily bases and hopefully one or two could turn into something useable!

Back to #twitter I go…..

The Blockchain Revolution


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